love letter to fandom
Dear BSG Friends and Laura & Bill Chums,

Battlestar and especially Bill and Laura have given me so much:

1) Laura has eased my fear of aging.  She came along just as I was edging toward life's midstream -- and she was lovely and strong and respected and adored.  

2)  I started thinking about BSG and running -- and I lost 50 pounds.  Which I have kept off -- more or less.

3) Fandom wildly improved my sex life.  I had been married for 15 years when I met BSG -- and reading and writing porn gave me a new lease on sex.

4) I wrote!   When I met this fandom, I chose the name 'whatever' because I never expected to read much -- much less write! -- on the site.  I just wanted to poke around a bit.  Hours of reading wonderful writers finally gave way to me trying my hand.  Writing gave me huge satisfaction.

5)  Friends. Friends. Friends.   When I had trouble with my kids, when my husband had a breakdown, when I had job issues.... I would post and people would answer.   And it meant a lot.   And it was dazzling to hear first hand about the floods in Australia, to get a Christmas card from Norway, to see friends finally get the right to marry here in the US...




I'm doing a little LJ catch-up -- I do miss my daily zing of BSG friends and stories.
Happy New Year, everyone....

Here's a modified meme:

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Sleep No More
Going to see Sleep No More today in New York.... Has anybody seen or heard about it?

National Novel Writing Month starts today. 
I'm going to give it a crack again.  Anybody else?

Gifts From This Fandom
I've been meaning to write this for a while, but have been very Real Life Busy.   Right now I have shingles (woe) and I have some time.

I had never heard the word 'fandom' until I searched for information on Battlestar Galactica/Laura Roslin & Bill Adama and found this world during the hiatus between 4 and 4.5.   Although I'm not much active anymore, for the better part of a couple of years, this fandom community was the best part of those years.

I still am astonished by the real-life gifts I have received:

1)  I can make pictures and mash ups and logos and other visual stuff (Special thanks to Twelve Colonies)

2)  I read and enjoyed amazing stories that have enriched my understanding of love and commitment.

3) I have written stories that have increased my skill and confidence in my abilities.

4)  My marriage was sexually reinvigorated.

5)  I got support from friends all over when I was going through rough times.  The value of this cannot be underrated -- I was able to share with you guys things I couldn't share with real life people at the time.  And I was able to type out angst at 1:00 a.m. and get supportive voices at 1:10 a.m.

6)  I also got to share the the joys (love, marriages, kids, jobs, dogs) of friends all over, as well as the woes of the same.

What am I forgetting?   The percocet is hitting me hard right now.  But I love you guys.

life, the universe...
Hi, chums,

An update on my husband's issues (anxiety/depression issues led him to quit his job --- which led neatly to my own anxiety/depression issues) -- he is seeing a counselor and has actually gone back to work.   Things are by no means perfect, but I'm hopeful that the worst is over.

I'm thinking a lot about my writer friends today -- there are articles all over about the Twilight fanfic writer who hit it big.   I wish it were one of the BSG gang!

Hey, I wrote a little play

Last weekend I wound up writing a little play.

Near me is a group called The Mayfly Theater -- every year they do 24 hours theater (It's called the mayfly because they only live 24 hours).    About 40 theater-types get together on a Friday night and break into eight small groups.  Each group produces a short (ten-minute) play which is performed Saturday evening.

I participated last year as an actor, and expected to do the same this year.  But one of the playwrights didn't show up, so I muttered, "I'm interested in writing."   

And I was swooped on by the producer, "Have you ever written before?  What have you written?!  Have you written for the theater?"

Of course, mainly I've written a bit of fanfic, a journal about my kids, and a whole mess of crud for NaNoWriMo -- so naturally I answered, "Yes indeedy, I write much theatrical material!"

They gave me a shot, and I departed to my hotel room where I quickly googled, 'script writing'.   

Anyway, by 4:00 a.m., I had a little ten-minute script.   And it was okay!   And the next morning the little cast thought it was good, and everybody said they liked it.

I've been thinking about how much this fandom and you people have given me.   You guys encouraged me to write and then applauded my BSG efforts.   And it was from people around here that I heard about Nanowrimo.  

So now I'm am a playwright.  I have wrought a play.

Hello, Chums
It's been a good while.  Happy New Year.

Updates in my life:  I've have some new job responsibilities that include training school personnel on techniques to improve school climate (anti-bullying initiatives).   Very enthused about this.

I'm playing ridiculous amounts of Kingdom of Loathing.

My 14 year-old hurt his little toe at judo last week -- he whined and whinged about it.  Finally, on the third day, he said, "You know, I think my toe feels better."   My 9 year-old said, "Thank God!  Now we can all sleep well tonight!"

Took both boys to Broadway and bought cheap tickets to see "On a Clear Day You Can See Forever" with Harry Connick Jr.  We really enjoyed it -- but the reviews were scathing and it's closing now.

Like most everybody else, I've discovered Downton Abbey, which is a pleasure -- although it's no Battlestar Galactica.

I'm often lurk and read, even though my comments are down.  And I always with my pals the absolute best....

Checking Back With the World - And Meme
Still no power after the freak Halloween blizzard.    But honestly?  It's been kinda fun and exciting, and good for my kids and for my household in many ways.

I took my boys into Boston yesterday and we saw the Pompii exhibit at the Science Museum.   JUST AMAZING.   Couldn't believe the artifacts.    And we never would  have made it over there if there had been power and school and the internet and television in our house.

And, because defyingnormalcy invited me, I'm doing this meme. 


- Beth
- Beautiful Mother, Queen of the Nile (what the boys call me when they want something)
- Mom 
- Binky
- Whatever
- Maxmaker (at Scrabble site and at Kingdom of Loathing)

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Dispatch from the Storm Center
Hi, chums,

I'm in Connecticut, and we were hit by a freak blizzard Saturday.    Pretty much the whole state is without power.  

I'm lucky -- we have a wood stove for heat and a gas stove for cooking.   

And it's been great for my boys.  They're addicted to electronics, and they've spent the last few days reading and playing games.   The big one taught the litte one to play Stratego.  

Of course, I also am an electronic addict, so it's been tough on me, but I'm coping.   I finally got around to reading Cormack McCarthy's The Road during the storm -- and the blizzard heightened the grimness of the experience.

Today I'm back to work.   I work in a Police Department, so we have power.  (I work with juvenile delinquents).  And I'm trying to catch up with my on-line life a little.

Today starts National Novel Writing Month.   I've done NaNoWriMo for the last couple of years, but not sure I'm up to it this year.   

Hope you're all doing well...


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